title: The Water Guardian

typology: Installation

event: Terrena - Tracciati di Land Art in Bassa Romagna

location: Parco Golfera, Lugo (RA) Italy

year: 2018



The serpent with sinuous movements emerges from the depths of the earth, rising from the dark hidden and protected gorges. A mysterious and mysterious animal, the custodian of an immense primordial power, guardian of pulsating energy, it evokes the spiral, the line and the circle and this is why it represents the cycle of life-death-rebirth, the perpetual return, the regeneration.


This for me is an important concept in the solstice period in which has been inaugurated the first edition of “TERRENA-traces of Land Art in Lower Romagna”, an event to which I was invited to participate with my work “La Guardiana delle acque”, now permanent, inside the Golfera Park’s lake, Lugo Ravenna (IT). I represent the serpent in its sinuous form with dried lotus flowers made of ceramics, which come out of iron stalks immersed in the lake. I chose the shape of the dried flowers of the lotus because it attracts me aesthetically but also because the fact that they are represented in their dry form remembers the moment that symbolically precedes the “rebirth” in the cycle of Life. The snake changing its outline reminds of the perpetual return, the regeneration that Mother Earth accomplishes in the Life / Death / Rebirth cycle.


title: The Suite of Goddess Snake

typology: Installation and Performance

event: Terrena - Tracciati di Land Art in Bassa Romagna

location: Podere Pantaleone, Bagnacavallo (RA) Italy

year: 2018

“The serpent with sinuous movements emerges from the depths of the earth, rising from the dark hidden and protected gorges. A chthonic and mysterious animal, custodian of an immense primordial power, guardian of pulsating energy, it evokes the spiral, the line and the circle and this is why it represents the cycle of life-death-rebirth, the perpetual return, the regeneration.”

Respecting the symbolic theme of the snake, which I chose for “TERRENA-traces of Land Art in Lower Romagna”, I realized another permanent work, inside the natural oasis “Podere Pantaleone” in Bagnacavallo (RA). In this environment, I wanted it to manifest itself in its creeping form, made up of many wooden rings, positioned on the ground in a carpet. Starting from the entrance the snake, in this natural and wild place emerges from the earth, to wrap itself up to the trunks of the trees and to the objects already present.

To remain linked to the work “The guardian of the waters” I traced inside the wooden circles, small seeds with luminescent paint, which recall the holes inside the flower of the dry lotus, so as to remain visible even during the night. 


Performance/Celebration: “The Suite of the Goddess Snake”

Music by Gian Luca Simoncini - Interpretation by Sofia Quintavalli in the “Hymn to Isis”.

Isis, sister and wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, Goddess of maternity and fertility, queen of the sky, lady of the underworld, of snakes and of the magical arts. The Goddess symbol of Transformation, power of death and rebirth, of regeneration and renewal, one of the oldest faces of the Great Paleolithic Goddess, which in the Neolithic takes on an iconography of its own with the symbol of the serpent. The main function of the Goddess in her new aspect of Serpent was to guarantee the continuity of vital energy and offer regeneration to every exhausted existence. The symbols are keys that open us access to new visions and transformations!


For the opening, I specially created a night-time performance that took place around the snake. The metallic sound of the idiophone represented these four moments of human interiority: stasis, confusion, death, rebirth, interspersed with the voice of the actress who recited some passages from the “Hymn to Isis”. I danced around the snake, in the dark, overturning every trunk that formed the snake, which turned red from white and into the illuminated head, symbolizing the change of the suit.



title: Deep sleep

typology: Installation and Performance

event: Nell'Arena delle Balle di Paglia

location: Cotignola (RA) Italy

year: 2018


“I’m waiting for you here, in front of the entrance of my house, a vulva symbol of the eye of the mother earth, under a wild weaving of wicker. Entering the earth is a way to make contact with yourself, even for a moment: it’s a special moment where you can find your land inside and out. The breath, slowly, will take the calm rhythm of the earth, the mind will leave the place to the heart, to the feeling. I will be there, guardian of the door, where I will lead you with the voice in a deep relaxation. The light of the straw around us will enlighten us."

The idea starts from my personal experience with the practice of Yoga Nidra, a

technique that leads to a total abundance of body and mind. I sat outside the structure and in a set time, led the person inside, lying supine, in a short session of deep relaxation, a special moment in which the person took contact with itself and the breath took the slow pace of the earth, protected inside the great YONI (vagina), an eye that looks inside the bowels of the great mother. A time when everyone could find their land, inside and out. Around the shape of the seed, eye, vagina, I placed a bed of straw, which seen from the top of the bank illuminated and defined the shape of the vulva.


title: Placenta

typology: Installation and Performance

event: COMMON PAST _ COMMON FUTURE Fraihausviertelfest Perormance Festival

location: Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 Gallery, Wien (AU)

year: 2018


Thanks to the birth of my second daughter, Alma, I was able to experiment with the Lotus method, in which at birth the umbilical cord is not cut, but remains linked to the Placenta and the child. This method prevents one of the first traumas of the human being: a violent cut, a drastic detachment from his first home: the Placenta. It is a method by which the child remains tied to his “old house” until he naturally chooses to leave it, this can happen in 2-3 days up to 9; It is a sweet, personal and non-traumatic choice for the child.


Placenta, or what you like: in some cultures Placenta is called the “mother’s cake” and if we think of our birthday cake that every year celebrates our birth is round like a placenta. La Placenta is something that mom and dad have done for the baby, the mother gives nourishment to both (placenta and baby). Placenta is the link between pleasure and nourishment, an aspect that unfortunately in life is often neglected, even if we have the sensation of living fully when life gives us pleasure. The remedies made with the placenta have special therapeutic powers that can cure the mother and her child for a lifetime. Until now, most people could not keep their placenta.

The research and the practice of new rituals that link man to nature feed my artistic activity. For this reason, during my performance, I realize for the guests a symbolic, special and personal placenta to recreate the magical bond that only the placenta can give.


The first performance took place at the Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 Gallery in Wien (AU) on 28 June 2018. Inside the Gallery I set up a circle made up of symbols representing the 4 elements, water, earth, air and fire and in the center a red circle where people sat waiting for me to create their personal placenta. Each person entered the gallery individually, putting his own personal object inside a small box that he handed to me, which was then placed inside the placenta compound so that it took the person’s energy. In waiting, they thought of a gift to give me when I returned. 

After about 15 min. I came out from my secret place to delivery to the person his/her personal placenta and as an exchange he/she offered to me an object, a drawing, a poem, a hug or dedicated a song, whatever they felt right.


title: Placenta

typology: Installation and Performance

location: Pialassa Baiona Lagoon, Delta del Po Park - Marina Romea (RA) Italy

year: 2018

The second event took place on the weekend of Saint Lawrence in 2018 inside the Lagoon of the Delta del Po Park, Marina Romea - Ravenna (IT). I was in the lagoon, inside a little hut, accessible only by boat. The actress Chiara Li Vecchi invited people aboard a “batana” (typical boat used in this lagoon), and pulled them towards her side, with a rope tied to the boat. 

The actress “started” people, with various “cleanings” and “rehearsals” to prepare them for my meeting. Then the person walked toward my place, sitted in a red circled and surrounded fron the magical nature of the lagoon. After a bit I came out from the hut and I delivered to her/his placenta, inside a cake box and I gave to the he/she a special and personal message.


title: Fate

tipologia: Installation and Performance

event: Biennale collaterale Torcello

location: Andrich Museum Torcello Island, Venice Italy

year: 2017

The figures displayed in the lagoon consist of cotton threads and spindles, inspired by the traditional work. Laura Rambelli anchors her work in a kind of matriarchal universe, the thread of women woven by women, which holds the world together. The thread of life, woven from birth to death, runs through the entire Laguna project.

The opening performance of the sixth and final part of the Laguna series is accompanied by the sounds of looms and the beats of modern looms machines, collected and arranged by Naomi Berrill. The designer Ilaria Biggi took over the task of the costume.


Laura Rambelli refers in her works to the position of women and mothers, who, although tied between the traditional tasks, break boundaries on the one hand, and on the other, resurrect archaic rituals. The naturalization of natural processes is closely related to industrialization and has narrowed the role of women.  

An installation of sculptures designed by the artist to be exhibited again in the lagoon and that are inspired by the spindle and waterfowl typical of the lagoon that metaphorically keep taut the thread that runs through her work to the “great work” the woman, in close contact with the” great mystery”, continues to weave throughout his life, generating, transforming, guardian of birth and death. 


The installation has been installed in the Andrich Museum - Torcello, Venezia (IT) during the 57° Biennale d’Arte and again showed and reinterpreted for the land art event “Nell’ Arena delle balle di paglia”, around the river Senio, Cotignola - Ravenna (IT). 

One of the purposes of the event, which began in 2016, is to bring through art and music contribute to the lagoon and river water, emotional positive energy: 

“The water exposed to music for only thirty minutes form crystals that reflect the music ..." Masaru Emoto


title: Lagoon: Life/Death/Life 

typology: Installation and performance

location: Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 Gallery / Pialassa Baiona Marina Romea (RA) / Faro Arte Gallery, Marina di Ravenna (RA) Italy

year: 2016

Let´s talk about birds and bees and flowers and trees…

Laura Rambelli, an Italian artist from Ravenna, is moving the code of fine art beyond limits.

Her display is not fixed in a gallery space, she is broadening the range of available sources and displays.

Her cycle LAGUNA is a triptychon. 

100 Uccelli was the first presentation of that project in 12-14 contemporary Vienna, followed by LAGUNA in the laguna nearby Ravenna and now the last part in FaroArte Gallery in Marina di Ravenna (IT) will be opened on 8th of October, 2016. 

The 3 parts of the triptych are connected by a red thread, following the story of evolution, remembering where we are coming from, where we will go to.

In Vienna the installation was kind of artificial, an old fisher net, in which birds are trapped, connected with a pile of sand from the laguna, looking like exploded.

Laguna, conduced in the Ravenna's lagoon, reminded one of old photographs from artist colonies in the 20ties of  last century. The awareness of the connection between human, nature and art was in her focus. 

The whole scene was highlighted by the natural status of the performing artists. 

Laura Rambelli and her partner have been in the last weeks before giving bird to their children. Coincidences and life time situations are part of the presentation, if the artist is able to involve that kind of personal situation unpretentious in an art project, another interesting level is added to the art work.


At FaroArte Gallery Laura Rambelli shows a kind of documentation, associated with resulting projects, like the new movie.


Text by Denise Parizek 2016/ Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 Gallery - Vienna (AU)


title: Light after the storm 

typology: Installation

location: Up to the dunes at Casal Borsetti, (RA) Italy

year: 2015

Installation with lamp and shells on the dunes.  

The act, is dedicated to the Earth as a result of a storm that wiped out most of the natural area south of Casal Borsetti, Ravenna, Italy.


title: Wet Sea 

typology: Installation and performance

location: Casal Borsetti Beach, (RA) Italy

year: 2012

photo: Silvia Bordin

Let’s start with a sign “Caution wet floor!”, we position it at the foreshore and we invite all the people to get a photo together with the signboard in order to invite them to become aware of what is becoming the Earth on which we live. 

How we live, we breathe, we interact? Let’s relax and get some more laughter, is not so complicated.